The collection of revenue from occupied perganas, the raising of new units, and budgeting for the regular maintenance cost of all units are a major preoccupation of the game. For this, currency in the form of rupaya notes have been designed, highlighting some of the wildlife of Uttarakhand.

In this game, one rupaya is the base currency, accounting for the salary of one footman or archer unit per round.


Profiled on this bill is the Himalayan Monal, which is also the official state bird of Uttarakhand and national bird of neighbouring Nepal.


Profiled on this bill is the Kasturi or Musk Deer, a small antlerless deer extent in the upper Himalayas that has been endangered due to its famed Musk gland.


Profiled on this bill is the Himalayan Black Bear, a smaller but more aggressive cousin of the Brown Bear who also resides in the Himalayas.


Profiled on this high value bill is this snow leopard, one of the most beautiful and venerated of big cats in the Himalayas.

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