The game board is based on the traditional boundaries of Uttarakhand, with the Tons river in the west, the Mahakali river in the east, the Trans Himalayas in the north and the Shiwalik range and Terai grasslands and forests in the south. The various playable game “squares” combine ancient territorial names with more contemporary divisions to obtain 60 distinct perganas, a medieval unit of administration. Twelve more border perganas surround these territories, and may be traveled through but not occupied by players. Various impassable glacier blocks also segment the northern part of the map.

Moreover, all these territories have been especially tailored for game play, and should not be considered authoritative or congruent with either the old pergana system nor the more contemporary division of the state into 97 blocks, 13 districts, and 70 legislative assembly seats. Maps outlining these can be found on a sister site at

The 34″x33″ board, in addition to the revenue record sheet is available here for download in PDF format.

It can either be printed at a print shop, or on 12 letter-size pages, tiled upright using Adobe’s latest Acrobat Reader:

Tile Map

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