Units have four basic attributes — a raising cost, a maintenance cost, mobility rating, and an attack rating. While a maintenance cost must be paid every round to sustain every unit, it is usually only half the raising or purchase cost. Most units have a move score of 1 or 2 perganas per round while their attack ratings are more variable. A lower attack rating means that the units has a higher chance of scoring a hit on an opponent.

A sheet of these units is provided here in both letter and a4 paper. Remember to print each one on a different coloured cardboard paper to differentiate the different players. Cut out each unit along the provided perforated lines.

Each sheet has an duplicate set of units. The first half includes most of the necessary game pieces, while the second half provides supplemental pieces. As such, it does not usually need to be cut right away. All the placeholder tokens (circles) for possessing territories should be cut though.

Another option is to use a colour printer to print out multicoloured silhouetted unit sheets on thick white glossy paper:


Cost: 2 to Raise, 1 to Maintain
Move: 1, AR: 6

  • The basic game unit used to fight and occupy territory.
  • Cannot attack enemy occupied pergana without leader unit, but can establish suzerainty in unoccupied perganas.

Cost: 2 to Raise, 1 to Maintain
Move: 1, AR: 5

  • Attacks in initial missile exchange.
  • Cannot attack in following melee rounds nor be used to occupy a pergana.


Cost: 6 to Raise, 3 to Maintain
Move: 2, AR: 4

  • Can lead maximum of 4 battle units, i.e., footmen and archers.

Cost: 8 to Raise, 4 to Maintain
Move: 2, AR: 3

  • Can lead maximum of 8 battle units.

Cost: 0 to Raise, 0 to Maintain
Move: 2, AR: 3

  • Can lead limitless units, however loss of this unit represents loss of game. The Raja in fact represents the player.


Cost: 12 to Raise, 6 to Maintain, except for home garh which carries no cost
Move: 0

  • A Garh (fort) reduces attack rolls of enemy units by 4 (i.e., you need 4 units to mount 1 attack roll).
  • Acts as a staging ground for new units.

Siege EngineSiege Engine
Cost: 6 to Raise, 3 to Maintain
Move: 1, AR: 5

  • Reduces defensive bonus gained from Garh.
    • 1 hit = reduction to triple bonus (i.e., you need only 3 units to mount 1 attack roll) (2 to repair)
    • 2 hits = reduction to double bonus (4 to repair)
    • 3 hits = complete destruction of Garh (no bonus)

Cost: 4 to Raise, 2 to Maintain
Move: 2, AR *

  • Lowers up to 4 battle units’ AR by 1, but has no attack roll.


Place HolderPlace Holder

  • To be placed on all perganas possessed by player.

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