crestThank you for visiting the web site of the Uttarakhand Board Game, a new strategy war game set in the medieval period of the Uttarakhand region of India.

The game emerged out of a brain wave in my travels and immersion into the rich and varied culture of Uttarakhand, so much of which harks back to the middle ages. From plays in the Shakespearean mold, to ballads about legendary figures from the last millennium, to sword play and dances that celebrate the region’s martial and mythic traditions, Uttarakhand heritage lives on. This game will hopefully serve as a small but fitting tribute that players of all ages can enjoy. The web site will also be continuously expanded to include ongoing research into the rich history of the region.

The game is currently in the beta testing phase, and would greatly benefit from your participation. All the game pieces and instructions have been provided here to print out or download in PDF format. However, if you own similar games, you can imaginatively substitute some of the game pieces.

Have fun!
Rajiv Rawat