A player can choose to perform Tapashya or penance in hopes of gaining a special boon from the Gods, especially Brahma or Shiva.

One of the most famous examples of this was the tragic case of Hiranyakashipu whose austerities gained him the favour of Brahma. Eventually, Vishnu himself had to intervene and destroy Hiranyakashipu who used his powers of near invulnerability to conquer the three worlds.

In this game, players have the opportunity to follow this path, although perhaps not for such destructive goals.

Performing Tapashya

At the beginning of the round, a player can choose to perform tapashya by abstaining from purchasing new units, moving existing units, or otherwise engaging in battle. This immobilization gains the player a die roll to determine whether a boon has been granted.

A successful roll of 6, will allow the player to roll for the following abilities:

1 2 3
4 5 6
  1. Prakriti: All Perganas owned by player receive a permanent + 1 Revenue increase.
  2. Panchajanya: Balladeer units receive a special life-giving conch, which allows units to survive a first hit.
  3. Indra Dhanush: attack roll for all Archer units reduced to 4 with the gifting of Indra’s bow, a rainbow.
  4. Jagannath: Permits player to treat his Garhs as mobile fortresses (Move: 1 pergana per round) with attack bonuses commensurate to a Garh’s defensive bonuses (i.e., quadruples attack rolls rather than diminishes opponent’s attack rolls by a factor of four). Can be destroyed like a Garh by three hits from a Siege Engine.
  5. Garuda: Raja gains the favour of the great god of the skies. The Raja gains unlimited moves, until engaged in battle or landing on a pergana not owned by the player. The Raja can also withdraw to any of his/her Pergana after battle.
  6. Hanuman: Raja becomes nearly invincible, can participate in missile exchange as either an Archer or a Siege Engine without forsaking the melee rounds, and has the attack abilities of a Jagannath (i.e., quadrupled attack rolls). However, if all other units lost, Raja must withdraw.

Tapashya can be performed repeatedly to gain other boons. However, if a 1 is rolled on the tapashya roll, a boon that was granted will be revoked.

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